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Network Inventory Scanner

A network inventory scanner application should have certain possibilities to be useful in middle and big-sized networks. First of all, it should not require the IT administration team to install the client software on each and every computer manually. This requirement can be ommited if we mean small networks (up to 25-50 computers); as for larger LAN's, it is completely unacceptable if an application requires something to be manually installed on every network computer.

Then, a good program of this kind should not load the network bandwidth too much. If the application sends or received megabytes of information for each computer being inventoried, in the large-scale LAN's this will result in the full network load and prevent the network to implement it's everyday tasks. And if this situation will repeat on the regular basis (and the network scan process should be started periodically to provide the network group with the actual information on the company computer ownings and network configuration), this inventory process will take too many corporate resources to be used in it's everyday operations.

And, finally, the network administrator should be able to schedule the inventory to certain hours. For example, the program should be able to schedule to run late at night night or on weekends so the network load it will produce will not interrupt people from doing their job.

These are the problems we had in our minds when developing Asset Tracker for Networks application. It does not load the LAN too much, does not need the manual installation on every PC and detects as much information for each individual networked computer as possible. Please try our network inventory scanner and check it by yourself:

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